Deep State Astrology: The Truth About Amber Khan And The Peace Dealer-“Siren’s” Identity Revealed?

In a recent video on, entitled “Deep State Astrology: The Truth About Amber Khan And The Peace Dealer,” GianPaolo DiCocco is up to his old tricks again. Finding ways to have negative things said about other astrologers. In this particular video, someone that goes by the name of “Siren,”  saying negative things about other astrologers, including well respected astrologer Patrick Arundell. She also makes derisive statements regarding the Peace Dealer. She claims that he and others may be stalking her. Though she intended to stay anonymous in the video, she actually gives certain clues to her identity. She said she is a Pisces sun with a Gemini Moon and Gemini Ascendant. Perhaps her Gemini Moon/Ascendant couldn’t stop talking, and her “loose Pisces Sun lips sank ships.” She also stated she had lived in Utah at least one point during her life. In the video, she talked about a conversation she had with somebody with the person calling her “Lisa.” The person known as “Siren” in this video is very likely Lisa Lambert (currently goes by “Lisa Diviney”), a person who makes YouTube tarot card videos. She lived in Utah at least once in her life, and has a Pisces Sun/Gemini Moon/Gemini Ascendant.Keep in mind this is not 100% confirmed, that this is actually her, but is very probable based on information disclosed in the video. If you listen to the voice, it sounds comparable to the voice in Lisa Lambert’s YouTube videos. Keep in mind there are 1,728 Sun/Moon/Ascendant combinations, so this is unlikely someone else. If this is indeed her, I would be somewhat appalled she would stoop this low to do a video with this person that is likely a charlatan astrologer. Maybe the true Sun in Pisces colors came out.


GianPaolo DiCocco Birth Chart Analysis

GianPaolo DiCocco has intercepted 2nd and 8th houses. Pisces is intercepted in his second house and Virgo is intercepted in his 8th house. I think this has something to do with his apparent confusion over resources that are his and which ones are not.  He is apparently taking information and ideas from others astrologers and using it in his videos. Neptune in his 12th house can give a confounding mental illness. Fraud and deception may be his undoing. His Moon in the critical 29th degree of Aries in likely the most unstable house, the 3rd, may give emotional instability. It’s also his 7th house ruler, suggesting difficulty maintaining sustained relationships. Also, Pluto  conjuncts his Midheaven. I believe this accounts for his ruthless ambition. His Sun is in its fall in Libra . It also squares his Capricorn Ascendant. This is evidently bringing out negative characteristics in both signs. It is making his Capricorn rising ruthless and using whatever means necessary to attain his political ambitions. He has Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 11th house. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is good in astrology. He may have gotten lucky. Saturn is now transiting  his 12th house. This could make one reclusive and paranoid and think others are out to get him. I would like to see what happens when transit Saturn conjuncts his Ascendant next year . He is very little and skinny now . There is no telling what he’ll look like when he experiences that transit. When Saturn hits the Ascendant, people can lose weight.  Hopefully, his weight in the astrological community will drop, as well. His birth chart wheel can be found on his facebook page or on one of Julian Lee’s blogs about him.

GianPaolo DiCocco

GianPaolo DiCocco is a charlatan YouTube astrologer. What he appears to be doing is taking information from other astrologers/videos and creating videos based on this information taken. He can’t do a progressed chart without a computer. He didn’t even know health disorders associated with Aries. I think he suffers fom delusions of grandeur. He calls himself the “Millennial Prophet,” or something similar, because he states he correctly predicted the winner of the U.S. presidential election. The truth is, many astrologers predicted that Donald Trump would win the election. He was far from the only one. Many predicted that before he says he did. He, in my opinion, is a fraud, and it is just a matter of time before he will be exposed for the novice astrologer he is. In a recent video he uploaded, “Breaking Astrology News: Attack On American Soil? The Libra Ingress Chart Of 2016,” on the comments section, someone called him out on the fact another YouTube astrologer had already uploaded a similar video prior to him. In another video he uploaded, “The Most Hated Zodiac Sign Placement-Moon In Scorpio,” he states people with this placement should be “obliterated.” If you watch the video, you’ll see how unprofessional he is. He states he specializes in astrojournalism and astropathology (more like a pathological liar). What he specializes in is attacking other astrologers in order to make a name for himself. It’s sad there are so many gullible people that believe his B.S. The true astrologers know what he’s about. There is reason to believe he is a bigot. Two black astrologers claimed he used the “N” word at them. He blames astrologer Julian Lee for his misfortunes based on an incorrect relocation chart. He needs to look in the mirror and blame himself. He is just a little man looking for attention. I think he is also a person in need of serious counseling. Julian Lee also stated on a blog that DiCocco has had run-ins with the law. It would be interesting to do a background check on him and see his criminal record. He has been kicked out of a number of facebook astrology groups because of how he treated other members. The Leo King blocked him from his group because he was posting videos associated with death. After he was blocked, he contacted someone to tell the Leo King he was going to start a war with him. He knows better than to do that. He doesn’t have enough courage to do so. I may not be a prophet, but I know he will not start a war with him. He’s just a loser that makes idle threats. Ultimately, he will remove himself from the astrology world because of who he is. He should put himself in a “Purging The Cosmos” video. On his homepage, it reads, “Make Astrology Great Again.” It should read, “Make Astrology Hate Again.”