GianPaolo DiCocco

GianPaolo DiCocco is a charlatan YouTube astrologer. What he appears to be doing is taking information from other astrologers/videos and creating videos based on this information taken. He can’t do a progressed chart without a computer. He didn’t even know health disorders associated with Aries. I think he suffers fom delusions of grandeur. He calls himself the “Millennial Prophet,” or something similar, because he states he correctly predicted the winner of the U.S. presidential election. The truth is, many astrologers predicted that Donald Trump would win the election. He was far from the only one. Many predicted that before he says he did. He, in my opinion, is a fraud, and it is just a matter of time before he will be exposed for the novice astrologer he is. In a recent video he uploaded, “Breaking Astrology News: Attack On American Soil? The Libra Ingress Chart Of 2016,” on the comments section, someone called him out on the fact another YouTube astrologer had already uploaded a similar video prior to him. In another video he uploaded, “The Most Hated Zodiac Sign Placement-Moon In Scorpio,” he states people with this placement should be “obliterated.” If you watch the video, you’ll see how unprofessional he is. He states he specializes in astrojournalism and astropathology (more like a pathological liar). What he specializes in is attacking other astrologers in order to make a name for himself. It’s sad there are so many gullible people that believe his B.S. The true astrologers know what he’s about. There is reason to believe he is a bigot. Two black astrologers claimed he used the “N” word at them. He blames astrologer Julian Lee for his misfortunes based on an incorrect relocation chart. He needs to look in the mirror and blame himself. He is just a little man looking for attention. I think he is also a person in need of serious counseling. Julian Lee also stated on a blog that DiCocco has had run-ins with the law. It would be interesting to do a background check on him and see his criminal record. He has been kicked out of a number of facebook astrology groups because of how he treated other members. The Leo King blocked him from his group because he was posting videos associated with death. After he was blocked, he contacted someone to tell the Leo King he was going to start a war with him. He knows better than to do that. He doesn’t have enough courage to do so. I may not be a prophet, but I know he will not start a war with him. He’s just a loser that makes idle threats. Ultimately, he will remove himself from the astrology world because of who he is. He should put himself in a “Purging The Cosmos” video. On his homepage, it reads, “Make Astrology Great Again.” It should read, “Make Astrology Hate Again.”



4 thoughts on “GianPaolo DiCocco

  1. Hi
    I came across this today and thought you ‘d like to know GPDi Nutcase ( Coco in Italian means of the nut) is now attacking my astrology tutor in the UK. Steve Judd. His vitriol for Steve spews out his his FB page. I’ve sent your article to Steve so that he knows the truth about this five year old. We can breathe more easily now you’ve exposed him. Many thanks. Angelena ( trainee astrologer).


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